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Sometimes You Just Have To Move…

This morning as I sat listening to my pastor speak about worship I heard him quote a scripture I have heard hundreds of times about putting on the ‘garment of praise’. He talked about those times when you come to church and you just don’t feel like praising God. He physically put on his jacket – and talked about how it’s an act of our will. I’m going to praise even though I don’t feel like it – even though I’ve had a bad morning – even though I’m distracted.

Fast forward to an afternoon of coffee and writing at Starbucks and here I sit trying to work on a “War Room” kind of prayer journal. For those of you who haven’t heard of it “War Room” is a movie about a woman who begins praying for her husband and her family – praying scriptures – and turns a closet into a sort of ‘war room’ where she  wars for her family in prayer.

I have spent some time writing out scriptures and prayers about guarding my heart, trusting God to fight for me and keeping my my heart set on things that will build up my spirit instead of tear me down.

As I was looking through different “War Room Prayers” online I came across a list of prayers to pray for my future husband.

I almost skipped right over this part of my Google search.

I don’t feel like praying for my future husband – because right now it doesn’t feel like he’s ever going to come. I’m beyond tired. I’m weary. And hearing the words “It’s gonna happen in God’s timing” just aren’t encouraging anymore.

“Put on the garment of praise…”

Have you ever noticed how sometimes God will bring back words and conversations just at the moment we need them.

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine and I said this to him, “Sometimes you just have to move and trust that your heart and emotions will follow.”

“Put on the garment of praise…”

Today I began writing out scriptures to pray for my future husband.

I will be honest – it didn’t automatically take away the weariness and the discouragement. And it’s hard for me to not insert someone I’ve already met into that “future husband” slot in my head.

But I’m praying scripture.

I’m speaking the Word of God.

And the Word of God brings life.

And right now – that’s exactly what I need.


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